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New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico: The Town Where the World’s Most Famous UFO CrashedRoswell, New Mexico is a small town in the southwestern United States that has...

Travel Utah

The Moki Dugway

Moki Dugway The Moki Dugway is a steep, winding, and narrow dirt road that winds its way down from Cedar Mesa to the valley floor in San Juan County, Utah. The...


Cisco, Utah

Cisco is a small ghost town located in Grand County, Utah, United States. It was established in the late 1800s as a water stop for steam locomotives traveling...


Two Guns, Arizona

Two Guns, Arizona: A Ghost Town with a Rich History The town of Two Guns, Arizona is a popular destination for tourists and history buffs alike. Located on...


Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona: A History of Mining and Art Jerome, Arizona is a town with a rich and varied history. It was founded in 1876 as a mining camp, and quickly...