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Christopher Trott is a photographer with a deep passion for capturing the stunning landscapes of the American Southwest. Born and raised in the greater Chicagoland area, Trott first ventured out West in 2006. Ever since that first trip out West, Christopher Trott has been fascinated with the American Southwest.   As he travels, he enjoys documenting places he has visited  on Southwest Six.

Trott’s website, Southwest Six, is a testament to his love for the Southwest. The site is a comprehensive guide to all of Trott’s favorite places in the region, complete with stunning photographs and detailed descriptions of each location. From the rugged peaks of the Grand Canyon to the colorful mesas of Monument Valley, Trott has explored and documented the places he has visited and he is still in the process of seeing new places!

What sets Trott’s photography apart is his ability to capture the essence of each location. His images transport the viewer to the scene, evoking the feeling of being there in person. Trott’s style is both artistic and documentary, blending stunning landscapes with intimate details that reveal the character of each location.

As an avid road-tripper, Trott has spent countless hours exploring the Southwest, always in search of new and unique perspectives to capture. His dedication to his craft is evident in the quality of his work, and his love for the region is infectious.

Southwest Six is more than just a photography website; it is a tribute to the American Southwest and all that it has to offer. Through his photography and words, Trott invites visitors to join him on a journey through this stunning landscape and to discover the beauty and wonder of this unique region for themselves.